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Meeting You is the Most Beautiful Accident

The breeze was both warm and cool as it brushed wispy fingers through your hair as you strolled through the thick willow tree canopy at the palace gardens beside the out of sight stream on that lucky afternoon you met "her".

The memory of a chance meeting with a delightfully enchanting young woman just days ago rises up to fill your senses. The fragrance in her hair. The nervous smiles. Those stolen sideways glances. That incidental brief moment of touch. The colors and sensations wash over you like a clear gentle tide as you remember her parting words before disappearing, "Meeting you is the most beautiful accident."

Meeting You is the Most Beautiful Accident

Will you ever see her again? Again, and again, you visit the garden where the overhang of willows are still breezing their wisps. You alternate various poses upon the park bench - one in a recline nonchalant and the other perched watchfully ...but only the souvenir of a fallen hair adornment that you kept, a decorated chopstick, silences your doubts that she was real, and that moment was real. That connection was real.

Don't give up. Perhaps she will meet you here once more, next time.

"Meeting You is the Most Beautiful Accident" 遇见你是最美丽的意外 Software: Autodesk Sketchbook Pro

Hardware: Wacom Cintiq Companion 2

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