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Poirot Returns

Updated: Dec 11, 2019

It's a Mystery to Me, Mon Ami

My Hercule Poirot illustration has returned with some new design elements and is currently up for sale at my Threadless Art Shop! What's new? The arches/columns on the right are now transparent so that the garment color will show through the illustration (on the columns) - thus integrating the cloth material color into the design, while the edges have been creatively cropped in a rip pattern that 'pops' Poirot with his fancy swan cane to the front, allowing Capt. Hasting's automobile to shine in the background along with the Old Ben clock tower of London glistening in the moonlight.

Poirot illustration by Daniel Wathen

"It's a mystery to me, mon ami" , I wanted to connect a meaningful daily expression to this man of novel mysteries. For all my English readers here, "Mon ami" is French for "my friend". Inspiration woke me out of my Sunday afternoon nap this week for how to update this painting, and this phrase came along with it. In the Poirot 1989-2013 series starring David Suchet from which my illustration takes its inspiration from, the plump moustached detective very often says "mon ami" at the end of his sentences, and it seemed a perfect fit for this design as well.

I selected very specific products and textile colors to match and complement the painting. You can also get this on pillows, coffee mugs, beach towels, fine art prints, notebooks, or smart phone covers.

If you are a fan of Poirot or mystery novels, or just a fan of my style, this would be a great gift to yourself!

And in case you didn't know it, if you become one of my supporters through Scratchbang , I'll provide my base rate discount that I enjoy as a designer. Send me a message detailing your order of my products, I'll make the order for you and send it to your address after you have sent your payment to a link.

Poirot illustration by Daniel Wathen

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