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Builder's Path NGO Logo Design




Builder's Paths Africa.


A logo design I created in late 2017 for an NGO in Ghana, Africa that seeks to bring positive societal transformation to the Africa continent.


The image on the right is my favorite version of the logo concept, but it is not the final version that the client received. I liked the blue version but the client preferred coffee-colored letters. What I liked about the blue version was the urban night skyrise feeling created by the blue light - which could represent lights shining out through the windows of business buildings - and, as BUIPA is an NGO with building construction applications or services, I thought it was an appropriate feature. The light also moves and gives a sense of moving, progress, direction and momentum - and being an African entity, the stripes might also be correlated with the zebra.



In the final version, the squared-off "i" dot was made to resemble a liquid drop (of oil) and the coffee color applied. I think the lights lose a degree of effect due to lesser contrast, but in the end, the client is always right.



As is the case with such project, requests are made half-way through the design process and "paths" was made "path" - and it though it looks simple enough to simply do some minor spacebar-key formatting, it actually required me to redo many layers of complicated alteration to make the new text change look right.









Also, coffee-coloring wasn't so simple as button pushing either: because the original colors were achieved by blending layers, the image required me to composite/flatten the design and carefully isolate the correct color range and alter the color using Replace Color adjustment tool in Adobe Photoshop.




Here is an early version from which I built upon. Not much to see here. Just wanting to try an isometric "looking up" concept of a building-structure style type which was discarded in favor of a one point perspective idea.  

I even attempted a 3D rendering version in Autodesk 3Ds Max, and though it had some interesting qualities, I just didn't feel that 3D was the way to go with this project. 




In the end, the client was happy and confident with what he received and is actively using it to promote his NGO. I enjoyed working on this project and got to try some new ideas and design methods. ~fin~



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 who is thewoodenboy? 


Daniel lives in the Orient with his wife and son. He's a digital artist-designer who studied Media Arts and Animation receiving his Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in 2002.

He spent three wonderful years teaching design courses in character art, design fundamentals, artistic drawing, creative thinking, and digital art software as a Professor of Computer Graphic Design at Chungkang College of Cultural Arts in South Korea.

These days he shares his love of creativity by merging the drawing and acting skills of animation into teaching EFL to cute Asian children.


Weaving through and around his day job is his project, Character Issues, a brand of his vision and style of character art & design - plus whatever other creative art project that comes across his desk.

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