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What is TheWoodenBoy Blog about?

May 7, 2016


I Want to Share with You...

Well, this blog is about sharing my art and designs with you. Its about sharing my creative thoughts and experiences with you. Every picture painted desires a viewer, every song that is sung desires a listener.

That's what this blog is about. 


My passion in art is to make characters - to paint them, to draw them, to model or animate them in 3D. But I also do other things like illustrating scenes and environments, modeling stuff in 3D, or once in a blue moon I might write something creative.


Who am I? 

I am a boy who woke up one day and heard the psiren call of art and never stopped drawing. I am teenager who grew up training in a martial art dojo and began making martial art characters and designs. I am a college art student who left the rural Midwest USA to learn animation in the metropolis of Chicago. I am an art professor that went to a university in Asia to teach for several years. I am a husband and a father who is trying to merge his dream life together with his practical life into one reality.



I hope you will stay, come back often, and even participate here at this blog. Its connected to Facebook and Twitter so if you connect with me there you can hear about my latest postings.


I am a maker of things, I hope you will become a viewer of my things.

Be inspired. Enjoy.

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 who is thewoodenboy? 


Daniel lives in the Orient with his wife and son. He's a digital artist-designer who studied Media Arts and Animation receiving his Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in 2002.

He spent three wonderful years teaching design courses in character art, design fundamentals, artistic drawing, creative thinking, and digital art software as a Professor of Computer Graphic Design at Chungkang College of Cultural Arts in South Korea.

These days he shares his love of creativity by merging the drawing and acting skills of animation into teaching EFL to cute Asian children.


Weaving through and around his day job is his project, Character Issues, a brand of his vision and style of character art & design - plus whatever other creative art project that comes across his desk.

Thanks for visiting! 


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