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Chicky Bird

May 7, 2016

So, I got to help babysit three new chicks who had just hatched from their incubator while manning the teacher's office last week while the school was empty because the students were on a four day hiking trip....and this sketch just kinda started with my hand taking two circle whips on the tablet and I saw a baby bird in that so I drew in a nest a momma bird. So what was going to be nuttin' turned into a small composition.


Those baby chicks were awful cute with all their cheeping and chirping. Reminds me that Mother's Day is this weekend, so say thanks to your mums for all their love and nurturing~!


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Daniel lives in the Orient with his wife and son. He's a digital artist-designer who studied Media Arts and Animation receiving his Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in 2002.

He spent three wonderful years teaching design courses in character art, design fundamentals, artistic drawing, creative thinking, and digital art software as a Professor of Computer Graphic Design at Chungkang College of Cultural Arts in South Korea.

These days he shares his love of creativity by merging the drawing and acting skills of animation into teaching EFL to cute Asian children.


Weaving through and around his day job is his project, Character Issues, a brand of his vision and style of character art & design - plus whatever other creative art project that comes across his desk.

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