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The Guardian Legend: A Retro T-design

Updated: Dec 13, 2019

A recycled design that I initially created as a desktop PC wallpaper of enhanced/zoomed in pixels of a late 80's NES cartridge cult classic, THE GUARDIAN LEGEND, where you play as a bio-mechanical ship-to-woman transformer who planet-hops over to a hostile, weaponized planet full of monster space aliens hurtling through space toward earth.

As the Guardian, you must fight to unlock many corridors and fly through in ship form to defeat those massive alien bosses, set the self-destruct sequence, and blast out before the planet blows.

Below is the original design hosted at my DeviantArt Gallery for a close up of the intense retro 8-bit space conflict action over the blue planet Naju.

At REDBUBBLE, this T-design is being hosted with many apparel and accessory options.

If you're a retro Nintendo game pixel art fan or a sci-fi enthusiast, this design is for you.

If you purchased this item, leave a comment below about it below. ALSO, drop a photo of wearing it or receiving it in the post.

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