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Shhh! A Trade Secret!

Updated: Dec 11, 2019

This is a repost from Scratchbang blog entry 2019, Aug 10


As an artist, it's not enough for me to make unique art and designs that will go on apparel or metal posters, or whatever viewer format it ends up on, without a means to connect to or build up an audience. That being true, marketing my artwork is a key component to putting my stuff in front of new eyes...that I hope will generate love in new hearts making new fans.

I recently was told by a coworker - a fellow teacher at the school where I work - that when he sees my pictures it has a calming and healing effect on his mind and emotion. This is what I hope to accomplish with my art and design. I want people to be positively impacted by the humor, interesting colors, emotive characters, and new ideas that I bring out in these projects.

But, people are inundated with visuals on a daily basis - that doesn't mean all the visuals they see are awesome, there is a lot of mediocre work out there, but the point is, people are inundated visually through all the many devices available in the contemporary life.

~I believe that the result of inundation of a valuable substance is apathy to value~

So, it is important not only to make original art of high quality, but it is just as important to share that I make valuable art through high quality marketing messages, too.

Taking raw images, enhancing and combining them for excellent posts.

Another example with a similar process.

That's why I wanted to share just one way that I create a social media advert to showcase a product. The image here is a brief static demo of an Instagram post which is aimed at gaining attention and guiding traffic to my website where my art store is.

The demo is self-explanatory for the most part...the central image is the one I created and enhanced from raw images that had a lot required for me to do in order to make them 'pop' visually - some things are not revealed but the basics are there. Now, even if I make attractive social media posts to *maybe* get someone to go to my website, I still need to think ahead to the end before I post a pretty picture: Have I prepared a pathway to an end goal for a visitor?

Blog story finishes up here...

Another example with a similar process.

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