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Project: I, Majin

Updated: Dec 11, 2019

SHORT DESCRIPTION: A world united in a kingdom of global peace is suddenly abandoned by its immortal Monarch at the 700th Anniversary festival celebration leaving everyone reeling in fear and confusion for the first time ever - and vulnerable to enemies hidden in the shadows.

An anachronistic teenage girl from earth's chaotic past at the piercing edge of human extinction that awoke out of cryo-sleep just five years before is called upon to defend the Millennium Kingdom with her new found friends and their soon-to-be-discovered extraordinary abilities as newly commissioned MK Guardian Agents.

A futurist Christian sci-fi martial arts adventure story!


Hello, I'm Daniel. I am the aspiring author & artist-designer of "Majin and the Young Masters" (a tentative title). Right now, this is a one man show and I am looking to bring in a couple collaborators into the mix: especially a collaborative writer and graphic novel/comic artist. Since I already do both writing and art (and the idea-making) by myself, I am seeking talent who can see the potential in this graphic + prose format story for a niche market that's not an insignificant slice of the 31.6% of the entire planet's population as of 2010.


I'd like to spend time telling you more about the Majin Project (without giving away too many secrets!) - especially in the light of a recent blockbuster film release of "Alita: Battle Angel" (2019) that has oddly similar design attributes to that of my original character, Majin (see here, here, and here) and perhaps some story theme overlaps as well.

The new Alita film is based upon the manga series, Gunnm, a brainchild of Japanese artist, Yukito Kishiro, which source has little to no resemblance to my work yet oddly enough the new film adaptation clearly shows parallels to my design choices - even in combination! Merely coincidence? I'll likely never know.

In that case, I hope to clarify that my project is an original idea with nearly 20 years in development through my art college years and life abroad in Asia thus having no connection to this film or its source material.

What can I tell you?

Majin Lee (aka "Lee, Majin" in Hangul) is a Korean girl born in the future but only slightly ahead of our present time.

Clandestinely, as a child, she was the recipient of super-soldier transhumanist science nano-technology infusions - a secret that would maturate at an unknown age. It was intended that she should have the ability to be a match for the rising robotic automated society should the mech/biomech bots ever be used against humanity.

And that did happen, that day came: Robots were used ruthlessly in the darkest days of humanity ever recorded. However, Majin herself never saw that day arrive.

It was Majin's parents who were working on such transhumanist projects for the highest elites in the world who sought to immortalize their very souls and consciousnesses seamlessly through scientific advancement, but when the newly united world government of heralded "Peace through Pluralism" plunged into chaos and catastrophe, Majin's parents saved their only daughter by placing her in a suspended animation chamber and stowing her aboard as freight on a shuttle to an orbital station.

Seven hundred years later,

Majin emerges from her sleep as a teen from the long forgotten station satellite and must acclimate to this new world with a replenished population and lifespans are now multiple hundreds of years to enjoy a lush and verdant utopia that hasn't seen a single war since its beginning.

To Majin's amazement, her grandparents are alive and well - looking the same as they did 700 years ago! And though Majin remembers being an only child, she discovers that she now has a spunky little sister, Sujin, who was also was found along with Majin's cryo-tube...yet, no explanation about their beloved mom and dad.

Living together with their grandparents, Majin and Sujin adjust to their new lives by going to school, and doing homework, enjoying their free time traveling and exploring the renewed earth, and spending the rest of their hours training in the martial arts under their grandfather who just happens to be the Supreme Grandmaster at a giant tower pagoda dojang where Majin has been promoted to high instructor in charge of the basic classes.

Until one day...

Majin's new mundane but pleasant life will take a new turn when she qualifies to become a new recruit in the MK Guardian Agency.

The MK Guardian Agency doesn't take just anybody and the entrance exam is quite rigorous - and only applicants authorized from the Guardian Training Nexus (every large region around the planet has one) can petition to become an agent - and Majin's grandpa happens to be the master-leader of the Shin Hanguk region's GTN - not that he made it any easier on her to pass! (He's notoriously hardcore).

The final test is facing off one-on-one with an opponent of closest skill match selected by a Guardian Judge. Majin aced her preliminaries of other skills, but her final opponent hailing from the Shin Nippon Nexus truly is a rival to outmatch her. Only Majin's determination to not give up keeps her in the fight through the various weapon & style challenges to the last event...which is not her strong suit. Nearly beaten in the final event, her internal nano-system awakens in full display of a powerfully shocking move that allows her the win - but all are agape at the spectacle, Majin included.

Shortly afterwards, when her newly formed guardian team is given a strange first mission, Majin must bury her bewilderment and curiosity of this new mystery inside her - especially when there's no chance to think about one's self when the emergency of the immortal Monarch having vanished under mysterious circumstances at such an important 700th Kingdom Anniversary event in the capital city.

And so the first mission in their journey begins!

Friendship, teamwork, valor, and many concealed mysteries will meet and challenge them along the way!

Further Thoughts...

As a Christian-based speculative fiction, this story will use a pre-millennial eschatological futurist point-of-view of the Bible as the ground work for the setting, as well as, a loose base for the how's, why's, and who's of the timeline's past, present, future and alternative realities.

In the new style of living in the Millennium Kingdom, natural and supernatural technologies have replaced much of civilization's reliance upon mechanicals of metal and silicone. Since cyber tech is considered an extension of what caused the near extinction of mankind it has been, for the most part, discarded or is only selectively in use.

That said, Majin is an "enhanced" human being (artificially) as a product of advanced transhumanist science, and is a relic of the past.

In this journey, she must face what it is to be truly human and choose between the artificial and spiritual existences...which are often veiled by the physical being.

One way this theme will be explored is by the SWORD of the SPIRIT and the full ARMOR of GOD - I have seen several takes of this in comics or illustrations over the years, but believe me, the version I have created is innovative and never-seen-before. Each member of the team shall possess a unique blade/weapon with special properties that represents the Holy Spirit and also part of their own personality or characteristic...and these will guide them both solely and jointly to probe the story's themes and questions.

Ultimately, the sisters will have to choose between artificial transhumanism and the eternal transcendence - which might seem like an easy and obvious choice to the reader, but temptation will cloud the judgment and moral clarity for our heroines/heroes.

Furthermore, the theme of transcendentalism will be explored beyond just cybertech themes including "enhancement" via other means:

Immortal chimeras, human hybrids, and inter-dimensional characters (both from modern and pre-historic eras) will thicken the plot.

According to the Book of Genesis, the first lie ever told to humanity was that man could become like God - that same ol' serpent's suggestion is loaded in the sci-fi/fantasy genres which has infiltrated and saturated the common vernacular and culture at this point.

My objective is to flip typical scifi transhumanism on its head through Majin's journey of self & divine discovery: That God, through Jesus Christ, has already made a way to everlasting life, and that real transformation first begins in the heart and mind before it happens to the physical, material vessels within which houses our spirits.

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