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Logo: Occupy Conference

Updated: Dec 11, 2019

"OCCUPY TILL I COME" is the theme for a 2019 African Christian ministry conference and campaign that I was requested to design a logo for recently.

A dear pastor friend of mine from Ghana contacted me with a rough concept from another young designer asking for my opinion and then if I could help him with giving it a professional polish.

The original idea (below) had some merit (although it does have a comical snowman-like face) and I could see where the idea was supposed to be going but indeed it was still at a very rough stage of development and needed a lot of reworking.

In the first place, the 'clock' looked more like a race car speedometer with a triangular needle. A sense of urgency or imminency was desired to conveyed by the near stroke of midnight - inferring a near arrival. Also, there is the clever red cross used as the T in 'till' and the circular arrow giving a sense of coming down.

Initially, I made the attempt to remake it in it's original form which didn't work. Then I tried rearranging and resizing elements which wasn't working either.

In the end, too much was going on and some elements needed to be cut out entirely. These two at right are early rejected re-conceptions, but the final designs were based on this new (nearly) monochromatic concept I created below:

AT THIS POINT I knew the design is coming together, but needs to keep reworking it.

Cutting things down even further, I removed the minute/hour ticks, but added color elements with balance and the first round of final designs were made thusly.

After redesigning the original concept for a white or transparent background, a second set was requested in all black, but I knew that needed a little extra color to 'pop' out the text elements to convey the meaning.

Click through these below images for close ups on the finals.

#logodesign #freelanceart

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