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This was one hot pepper!

Updated: Dec 12, 2019

File under: Old, but interesting....

This was one hot pepper.

Indeed, a 49,448 Google +1 hot pepper.

This is Japoppa. He's a pepper man with a unibrow and a south-of-the-border moustache. Plus, red salsa sneakers that match his spicy aichichewowa tongue...and for a seasoned look, a golden monocle. (Sorry, Mr. Peanut, your salty powers of subliminal suggestion really got through my outer shell - I swear it wasn't intentional, please don't cane me!).

Japoppa's also a character mascot-logo design combo pak concept design that I created for my sister's husband's special recipe of popcorn. He's really just a first draft, but since the food project didn't develop, the demand fizzled out for this character mascot.

Nevertheless, he remains quite lovable.

And, evidently, quite popular! Unbeknownst to me, he gathered quite a response on Google+ (or Google plus) on an old Blogger/Blogspot post I had made on Japoppa several years ago. Just last night, I was browsing through my old and abandoned art blogs looking for something else completely and stumbled upon the G+1 49k count on his entry. Believe-you-me, I did a double take with mouth agape.

#blog #characterart #anthropomorphic #animationstyle #satisfiedclientscustomers #graphicdesign #charactermascot

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