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Yellow Mini Cooper in 3D

Updated: Dec 11, 2019

Have you ever tried to clean up hard drive space and ended up deleting 3D project files by accident?

That's what happened to this 3D mini cooper I had modeled a couple of years ago. While trying to manage drive space, I erased these files off my external drives and main drives! I did however have some earlier save points, but I wasn't too eager to start half-way through again...

But then, I found an export! Just today, I discovered that an export of an .obj file existed... and though it lost some detail while re-importing it into 3DsMax, I was able to fix it up and make some adjustments.

Earlier, I had rendered the car in dark silver, but this time I wanted a nice yellow having seen a similar yellow mini cooper model on the street here in Korea. I added an HDRI image that I had on file with a simple lighting setup, and viola, it looks like a frame from a film.

Below, is a 3D viewer so that you can zoom in and rotate around the model in real-time.

#3Dmodel #car #vehiclemodeling

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