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Copy or Compliment?...Continued

Updated: Dec 12, 2019

So wait, there's more??

If you read the previous post, you may have drawn a conclusion that I am being too sensitive as an artist or exaggerating my claims (regarding idea theft, art theft, plagiarism).

Well, I hope to persuade you otherwise. Again, I'm a nobody; but my art, design, and concept works - either in whole or in part - are getting used without my permission, my credit, or my compensation. I post these cases here in hopes that awareness might hinder further theft. I can't see the whole internet, and I tend to be out of touch with current media trends...but hey, plagiarists, I'm on to you!

Entry 5: Space Boid vs Space Droid

In 2012, I was commissioned for a handful of thematic background illustrations for a kid's game for the Apple I-pad that I never found out how they were used. (My guess was that these were for some kind of sticker activity for young children).

One of these thematic backgrounds that I conceived was an Outer Space concept with a cute little astronaut claiming a planetoid with his triangular flag - and I named the piece Space Boid: Conqueror of Planetoids.

So what we have here to right is an illustration by Craig Cameron. He is a children's book illustrator and in his sample gallery has a few similar designs as my own, but nothing more directly related to my work than this.

Here sits a cute, lonely, solitary space adventurer with a cone-shaped, single-circle windowed rocket ship in the background with craters sprinkled about the surface contrasting the open starry, planetoidy night sky. The character is in the foreground and not the background like in mine, and the little, curved head antenna with ball is most definitely a cue from my Space Boid.

Now, don't get me wrong, I like Craig's work - and I certainly hope this doesn't get him into trouble by blowing a whistle here. Also, I think he's done a wonderful job re-interpreting my piece. But I do wish he had asked before hand. If I'm given credit for the inspiration and a link back to my gallery I'd be grateful.

I think that's one of the dangers of plagiarism, especially if the concept was borrowed but not the artwork itself: By the time the piece is finished the artist will feel as if it were 99.9% his. There was definitely some digestion and re-formulation process that happened here (which, as a college arts educator I have highly encouraged my students to do), but in concept, in character design, in layout design, in color palette this piece is more than highly suspect of plagiarsim. I don't want to make him take it down - his style is in it - but a genuine effort to credit me should be done.


Entry 6: Flip a Flipboard Logo on its Side and....

In 2015, Microsoft was offering its new Windows X operating system for free for qualifying Windows owners. I was one of those qualified for an upgrade and did so just this past Spring 2016 for my customized-for-art laptop notebook.

At the time of this post, I still don't know what Flipboard software is for, I've only seen the logo icon since the upgrade. I wasn't really paying attention, it had been popping up on my Start menu a few times before it caught my eye...and, then, what?? Are you kidding me? Another been there, done that - this time graphic design. Actually, I don't claim theft in this case, but, after you compare them, you'd have to admit its uncanny.

Here we go, this one's mine. As my family name is Wathen, I used an enlarged pixel concept to form a W from a right angle with sky blue (as blue, white and harvest yellow/orange was my representative palette at the time in 2007 - 2013).

It doesn't take much to take my W crest, flip it on one side and call it an F...not that they give a flying F about it. The website is now defunct and abandoned.

Hey, Flipboard, if you like my designs so much, why not hire me as your designer instead of using the copy/paste, rotate and hue adjustment commands on Photoshop to facilitate your idea theft? Just a thought.

By now, I'm beginning to see that being the idea man is not as lucrative as being the modify-to-market man.

Oy vey. Yes, there's more.

So until next post, stay honest!

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