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Rise and Sprinkles

Updated: Dec 12, 2019

I made a connection in early 2014 with a business owner of a local Daylight Donuts that led to a commission request in the summer for on-screen monitor menu designs for the donut, coffee & ice cream shop in the center of the capital city of Des Moines, Iowa. The menus were displayed on two or three wall-mounted monitors behind the customer counters. Fortunately, my designs were satisfactorily enough that I was commissioned a second time in Fall 2015!

The first commission was for menu designs for coffee and ice cream, but they wanted to revamp their entire donut menu and update coffee with something fresh. Even though I was on the side of the planet in Korea when that call came, inspiration struck: The rising morning donut shining like the blazing sun!

With added hi-res logo and photo-edited pics of food and beverage items I designed the new template with the provided input data.

Its the the rising curve of the white frosting donut that draws the eye across the menu, which is an important intangible element to menu function.

Another design utilizing a curve element / eye-guiding design flow was the coffee in the cup. I chose to make the coffee a lightly colored swirled mocha latte. Actually I know a thing or two about donuts but coffee is not something I'm much of an expert in (I drink tea, typically and frequently). But nearly everyone I know back home (family & friends) are coffee drinkers, and even here in Korea, cafe and coffee culture has taken over! Fortunately for me, my wife gave me wonderful, authentic Chinese tea.

When I see this it makes me think I'll soon be getting a lovely warm cup of hot chocolate.

It was challenging at times to make the place information in a simplistic and easy to read fashion without senseless clutter! Yes, the client wanted the details squeezed in.

On other screen slides, the menu didn't have much to tell at all like regular coffee. Have you ever heard of the Hawaiian Kona Ice Coffee? I hadn't, but I enjoyed making the chilled header design for it.

Tech talk: The giant donut and coffee cup were made entirely in Adobe Photoshop using vectors and layer effects exclusively. Lots of little sprucing-up tricks and image overlaying & manipulation were used.

Well, this blog entry hasn't had so much to do with character art, but even in design, I like to pull out the character and evoke feeling even when functional communication is the target goal of the final image product. I hope you enjoyed this short and sweet design post. Cheers!

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