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Meet Majin - the Anti-Manga, Sword Girl that will kick your bad attitude.

Updated: Dec 12, 2019

Majin draws her katana (gum)

She is the star of an original martial art adventure that I've been piddling around for over a decade. This girl, Lee Majin, is an Asian-caucasian character with a Korean heritage and an exceptional athletic skill for her adolescent age.

I've been working and re-working the concept and background story trying to connect various ideas together.

Of the various goals I have for this story and character (that I'll keep to myself until I begin to publish), one of my intents is to create an anti-manga/anime story through Majin's life.

A potential style for Majin

What do I mean by anti-manga? I don't necessary mean in terms of artistic stylizations (although, I'll be just doing things in my original style) as much as I mean that thematically I wish it to go against the grain of the myriad of other girls-with-samurai-swords productions. Sex and violence in these sort of stories is nearly always prerequisite, sword/gun girl or otherwise - S&V seems par for the course these days in just about everything. Heroines/anti-heroines are often portrayed as objects of sexual desire in visually compromising camera angles in torn school uniform with undergarments showing, sword in hand dripping with crimson while dismembered demons/zombies/monsters lay strewn about with mouths agape in horror as she stands stoically victorious and undefeatable.

The truth is, there are so few truly moral role-models in graphic storytelling. So many "heroes" or heroines are the product of truly sick minds who just happen to be fantastic at making art - and they gain tremendous fan base who enjoy dark, twisted stories and revel in the art who in turn become more and more aligned with what they read. My hope and dream with Majin and her friends alongside the journey, her world and her place in it, is to make her a truly moral heroine that is on a spiritual journey with many character lessons to learn.

Yes, this has been a pet project on the back burner keeping warm for many years but I've seen this concept mature slowly at first and then pick up locomotion. The greatest barrier that stands in the way of producing this story is that which stops all artists: Pouring all of my time, effort and resources into a day job in order to stay alive. Its much easier for me to complete shorter projects like character illustrations than to develop this. Rome wasn't built in a day.

Conceptual painting w/ Majin & team at the Great Wall of China

Majin is a seventeen year old with a twelve year old sister. Her BFF's are a female classmate from Japan, and a Chinese boy from another neighborhood. Majin and her sister train in the martial arts at her grandfather's small dojang (dojo) while attending school in a unified Korea. She is especially adept at sword play as that is her choice of weapon but is exceptional at empty handed martial arts of all kinds. She is a chameleon with martial arts. It is her strength.

At this time, I won't give away her origin story at this point, the setting of their story, or what ultimately will become her and her friend's mission and identities. But I will say that they will demonstrate that they have no sense of national segregation between the 3 great east Asian cultures. Their personal uniquenesses and cultural diversities will complement the team.

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