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Generally speaking, I reserve ownership of every tangible and intellectual properties that I create or express artistically in written, oral, or visual representation.

It is my policy never to transfer copyright ownership to clients/purchasers of my work, rather, I provide license to use my work as prescribed/agreed/inferred at purchase and/or release of completed service or product.


A. Artwork/design used as part of a greater product for market (something to be marketed for your profit), a royalty agreement must be made.

B. Artwork/design used for a singular purpose (like a logo design and/or character mascot for your website) are paid once for my service and that's it (that's why custom illustration by a pro costs are higher)  - but I, the artist, retain the rights to display the said work for promotion of Character Issues Art services.


C. Additionally, any new aspects (tangible/intangible) created as a result of my efforts to pre-existing concepts belong to and are credited to me (but primarily for the purposes of my creative art-design service promotions).


As an original creative content licensor, I use the "advance against royalties" system which is a payment made by the licensee to the licensor at the start period of licensing either upon contract agreement or delivery of property to be offset against future royalty payments, aka, a guaranteed minimum royalty payment.


It is the artist's prerogative to accept or decline any request made by a potential customer or client to purchase Character Issues Art services or products based solely upon the artist's discretion.

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