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Hi, I'm the artist. I am a former college arts professor from the USA who has taught art, graphic design and 3D animation. I am also an experienced K-12 arts instructor and an English teacher that often incorporates drawing into lessons. I am currently living in East Asia illustrating character designs for products in the Japanese market.


Why the Name?

I chose the pseudonym/avatar, thewoodenboy, at the dawning of the internet because of its clear reference to the notable Pinocchio story of the boy who wished to transform into more than a wooden automaton. So, like Pinocchio, I wanted to turn my talents and dreams into reality.

What do you do?

My number one passion art is creating interesting, silly, wacky, cute, colorful and captivating characters through digital illustration and painting, pencil drawing or inking, and 3D graphic art. However, I do more than character art, designs, concepts and illustrations. Sometimes I just paint scenery, model/texture 3D stuff, and do graphic design-communications work.



What have you done?

As a freelance artist, I have worked for all kinds of clients who have sought corporate mascots, logo designs, character illustrations, album or book covers, 2D/3D video game art and much more. During my career, I've taught primary level art, and college level art, 3D art & animation tutoring , and online-inhouse private art tutoring.


Chungkang College of Cultural Industries, Computer Graphic Design Department, Icheon, South Korea 2008

Where are you from?

I'm from the Midwest state of Iowa, (aka, the middle of nowhere) - however, it's not a nowhere place to me - they don't call it the "heartland" for nothing, a place where the heart of America with its true strength derived from American traditional values still lives on...or, at least did while I grew up.


I come from a family of artistic types: My father and sister are musician/vocalists, and my mother's an artist that encouraged me from early on.  



What else do you do?

I teach. I live in Asia and teach ESL. Also, martial arts - a sorely misconceived subject by many who confuse strength and discipline with being cool and tough. I share my expertise as a teacher here in Asia in both open hand and sword systems in a merger of multiple styles. Additionally, I am a Christian missionary. I share the love of God in Christ to children, community, and nomads by combining these areas of expertise in art, English, martial arts, teaching to communicate God's love in the world. It's not a job, it's a lifestyle.


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